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Rules | Minecraft Dynasties

Server Rules

General Rules and Guidelines

  • Please keep the General chat PG
  • Respect Others and Yourself
  • Be Ethical
  • Use Common Sense
  • Listen to the Staff
  • Hacking, Abuse, and Cheating are prohibited
  • Griefing claimed areas is not allowed
  • Allowed Mods

Please keep the General chat PG-13

  • Please do not use cursing to describe a person or use it because you’re angry.

Respect Others and Yourself

  • Respect n; esteem or a sense of worth or excellence of a person
  • You may express your opinions freely so long as it does not impede on another’s happiness/gameplay. If a joke or conversation gets to a point where a fellow crafter or a staff member has asked you to stop, you are to immediately stop.
  • Do not harass, bully, or intentionally belittle anyone. Competition is fun, and we expect everyone to partake in their own form of enjoyment, but should you begin to agonize another player, you will be asked to stop and on grounds for a punishment. Any racist, homophobic, or any remark that denies social participation or basic human rights to another will not be tolerated.
  • Our server staff have been asked to exercise their authority in English only. You may use your preferred language in private messages and party messages.

Be Ethical

  • Ethical n; of or relating to moral principles…
  • We believe that everyone has standards or a “line” the do not cross when in front of their parents. Please do not overstep those boundaries on our server. We are aware some parents don’t mind that their kids use cussing or watch profane videos, but do not bring that into our server. Think of the staff members like your mother or father and what they would do if you overstepped those boundaries.

Use Common Sense

  • Common Sense n; good sense and sound judgement in practical matters
  • This is a great way of summing up the phrase, “If it feels wrong, it probably is.” We ask that our players let their conscience and morals lead them through their gameplay. Use your head. If you feel like you might get in trouble for doing something, you likely will. If you need clarification, feel free to ask.

Listen to the Staff

  • Our staff have been hand-picked for traits like; basic knowledge of the gameplay and server, sound judgement, and are skilled in communication. For this reason, we give staff the freedom to asses a situation and handle it through matters they find necessary. Our staff will do their best to keep the chat game-related and progressive.

Hacking, Abuse, and Cheating are prohibited

  • ANYTHING that gives you an unfair advantage over another player will be punishable. Using donated tools, swords, armor, etc. is NOT considered unfair—as these items will ALL be available either through gameplay, or by free means.
  • Using hacks of any kind will result in a permanent ban without appeal chance. If you have questions about a type of mod that you would like to use, please confirm with Staff that it is allowed. We will handle each situation accordingly
  • Do not abuse a glitch, command, or item. If you find a glitch, we ask that you report it to Administration immediately through the forums. This applies to all donator commands as well.

Griefing claimed areas is not allowed

  • Just don’t do it.

Allowed Mods

  • If the mod you want is not on this list, it is not allowed on the server.
    • 5zig version 3.3.6+
    • Labymod version 2.6+ & Labymod Toggle Sprint (While it is considered approved, we’ve heard complaints of it sending out information to the Labymod server, so use at your own risk)
    • Optifine
    • Shaders Mods
    • Capes Mods
    • Better Animations/Player Animations Mod
    • Blocks3D Mod
    • Just Enough Items
    • Gamma/Brightness mods (in which the only feature is gamma/brightness)
    • Any mods which have no effect to gameplay such as Pixelmon or Auto-Respawn.
    • Better Sprint Mod
    • InGame info mod
    • bspkr’s Armor, Direction and Status effect HUDs
    • UHC Essentials
    • Joystick mod (or other controller/gamepad mods)
    • Pop Enchant Tags
    • Journey Maps
    • Inventory Tweaks
    • Light Level Overlay Reloaded
    • WAILA

Feel as if you’ve been unfairly punished? Contact one of the Administrators through Discord. We will discuss with you the current situation, and see if there’s been a misunderstanding. These messages are considered confidential and will not be shared with staff below the Admin level. We might ask that you provide proof of abuse so please be sure to document through screenshots anything that might help you explain yourself at a later date.

Finally, please note that these rules apply to ANY interaction between our server and your account. Excuses such as, “It was my brother on my account, I would never say that…” will fall upon deaf ears. You are responsible for your account and anything that happens between it and the server.