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Ranks | Minecraft Dynasties

Player Ranks

What Ranks Are There?

There are 3 Ranks that every player can get: Default, Follower and Subscriber. A new player that logs onto the server has the “Default” rank, which allows you to play the game the same as everyone else. Follower and Subscriber give you certain perks listed below, and are obtained by becomming a follower or a subscriber on beam.pro/GhostfromTexas. Read about “BeamSync” below to figure out how to synchronize your rank!

We also have many moderation ranks, as well as special ranks mentioned below.


What is BeamSync?

BeamSync is a tool we use to synchronize the state of a follower or subscriber on GhostfromTexas’s streaming channel, to the Minecraft Dynasties server. If you are a followe or subscriber on beam.pro/GhostfromTexas then you can synchronize your status to the Minecraft Dynasties server by going to mcdynasties.net/sync. Once synchronized, you will get a command to execute on the Minecraft Dynasties server that will give you your rank!


Rank List

  • Default
    • Every user when they first log on has this rank! This is the default rank of the server.
    • Your name will appear in gray
  • Follower
    • Users get this rank by becomming a follower on beam.pro/GhostfromTexas and using BeamSync
    • Your name will appear in Blue, with a “[+]” tag at the front.
    • You get one “/sethome” using this rank
    • You get a special follower kit
  • Subscriber
    • Users get this rank by becomming a subscriber on beam.pro/GhostfromTexas and using BeamSync
    • Your name will appear in Pink, with a “[Sub]” tag at the front
    • You get three “/sethome” positions using this rank
    • You get a subscriber only pet
    • You get a special subscriber kit
    • You get $10k starter cash
  • Beta
    • Users that have this rank participated in Beta and have an Orange lightning bolt at the end of their name
    • Users get a beta only pet
    • You get $5k starter cash
  • Streamer
    • Content creators, like streamers and youtubers, can qualify by getting a special “streaming” rank
    • This is given out to a select few that have established communities
    • Your name will have a red dot prefixed to the end of it
    • You have access to the ‘/live URL’ command every so often to broadcast your stream
    • You get access to more Grief Prevention blocks at the start
  • Moderator Ranks
    • Owner – Highest Authority, server owner and founder
    • Op – Top Level admins, also highest authority
    • Dev – Server Developers, also top-level admins
    • Admin – Very high authority and top-level admins
    • Mod – Helpers and moderators. Can kick/ban and enforce other rules