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City | Minecraft Dynasties

The City of Stoneacre


Stoneacre is made up of several different locations all displayed on the map below. The city offers everything from markets and banks, to gambling and PVP in the Colosseum! Most of the areas can be accessed through the city GPS system in various locations!

Minecraft Dynasties City Layout


There are several things to do inside the city

  • Town Hall
    • World Spawn Point
    • Tutorials
  • Jail
    • Area where bad players are sent as a temporary ban from playing
  • Food
    • The Twerkin’ Turkey Leg
    • Get cooked food here and socialize with others in the restaurant
  • Bank
    • Store money here so you don’t lose it
    • Money earns interest while you are on the server and it’s in the bank!
  • Portals
    • Resource World Teleport
    • Random Overworld Teleport (Random)
    • Random Nether Teleport (Random)
    • The End
  • Market
    • Buy and Sell many items, plus some special items at the top floor!
    • Pets, Gear, Animals and Resources are all sold here!
  • Stables (work in progress)
    • Store your horse where while in the city!
  • Hotel (work in progress)
    • For a cost, sleep at the hotel to save your spawn location!
  • Train Station (work in progress)
    • Travel to other cities here!
  • Casino
    • Gamble your life-savings away with a chance to become RICH!
  • Store
    • Another market in the “upscale” end part of the city!


Player Plot Prices

The city also has districts where plots can be rented for players to do whatever they like! Build a shop to buy and sell goods, or create a nice relaxing urban home as your getaway! Plots have different prices and can be rented on a weekly basis for in-game currency!


Minecraft Dynasties Plot Prices