Welcome to Minecraft Dynasties! We are a unique Minecraft survival server that allows you to choose your own destiny! Become a champion in the arena, hunt and destroy powerful foes for treasures, control vast markets, and rule your very own Dynasty!


Spawning in the massive city of Stoneacre, you realize there’s several areas to explore. You feel overwhelmed by its complexity, beauty and all it has to offer. Services such as a market, colosseum, restaurant, jail, train station and a hotel can be found while venturing away from the Town Hall you first find yourself in.

Worried that you’ll lose your money when you die? Just save it all in your very own bank account! The city has many plots players can rent to produce their own markets and build their base. Venturing out further, you enter the overworld, where players can explore and claim lands in their starting bid towards power, fame and wealth. Resource gathering while in the overworld can net you enough money to gain a foothold in this grand city. Even killing mobs can help you more than you know! Are there just bones and arrows in that skeleton? Why don’t you kill a few and see if they drop something else?

This and gathering items from the landscape in the overworld can help when you sell them to the marketplace you saw within the city, until you can buy a plot and set up your own shop!


- We offer you a wide range of features that you can use to enhance your gameplay on our server!


Slimefun is a plugin which aims to turn your gameplay into a modpack like FTB without installing a single mod! It offers everything you could imagine from backpacks to jetpacks! Slimefun adds 400+ new items, so get cracking!


McMMO’s goal is to take the core Minecraft mechanics and expand them into an extensive and quality RPG experience. McMMO adds fourteen unique skills to train and level in. You can unlock new skills to make life easier!


Minecraft Dynasties has a huge economy system! Buy and sell items from the market or other players, earn interest from storing money in the bank, play slot machines at the casino, and buy special gear you can’t obtain anywhere else! You can also rent your own plot within the city!

Mythic Mobs

This server has Mythic Mobs installed! We’ve amped up the difficulty of the mobs to make them more of a challenge! But mobs also drop money. There are even some special bosses that might require a few brave souls to defeat it!

Player Shops

Players can setup their own shops! Got something you want to sell? You can setup a player shop to buy, sell and barter items! Check out the in-game tutorial on how to set one up!


The server is equipped with Grief Prevention to protect your stuff! Plots within the city are protected with Area Shop. Both allow you to trust friends to help you work as a group!


The only place on the server with PVP is in the Arena in the center of the city! Fight your friends here and take their stuff!